Ruth Ellen Kocher to read @ Poet’s House

Ruth Ellen Kocher @ Poet’s House – April 18, 2014
7:00PM, Kray Hall, Free and Open to the Public

Kocher. Front Cover. white .inddorder Goodbye Lyric from

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Fall 2014 Titles

Michael Krüger
Last Day of the Year
Selected Poems
translated by Karen Leeder

Kruger_LastDayOfTheYear“Krüger is a poet of life-loving, private grief and songs of impossibilities. He is a self-made oracle in various cultures, his poetry: magisterial potato farming. He teaches us how to walk in the night, to have a destination we reach in darkness, to give ourselves finally over to the light in which we may or may not believe. He gives us a world exploding with memories, a flood, an Ark.”
                                                               —Stanley Moss

“A well-disguised mystic…a scribe who has got beyond books, to the point where the wisdom of masters begins—the absurd wisdom which writes its final word on water. It would not be entirely wrong, either, to call Krüger a master of the love poem, a first-rate painter of landscapes and climates, a reviver of the Roman Elegy, a painter’s poet. But he is all these things with a difference: there is a “remainder” which—in rational terms—should not exist, which one will only discover if one is not looking for it and which is . . . everything.”
                                                                                                       —Adolf Muschg

MICHAEL KRÜGER, poet, novelist, and translator, was born in Wittgendorf, Germany in 1943. He served as editor and publisher of Hanser Verlag for 45 years until his retirement in 2013, the same year he was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award in International Publishing by the London Book Fair.

Brandon Courtney
The Grief Muscles

Courtney_TheGriefMuscles“There is a beautiful disparity in Brandon Courtney’s poems. The hard is represented by the blade of a field knife, bullets, sickles, the scorched earth of Baghdad, and the hardscrabble farming of Iowa. Soft is the mouth’s soft palate, flower petals, fruit, the flesh of the beloved, wet soil, and the body. The Fallujah/Ramadi poems are harrowing, feverish, stunning, piercing as Sky Spear and Jericho missiles. The poems offer a counterweight to the amputations of blast injuries in war. His language is his grief. His is a distinguished first book.”   —Bruce Smith


BRANDON COURTNEY was born and raised in Iowa and served four years in the United States Navy (Operation Enduring Freedom). He is a graduate student at the University of Chicago.

Betsy Rosenberg
A Future More Vivid

Rosenberg_AFutureMoreVivid“Betsy Rosenberg enchants and unsettles in poems that read like oracles syncopated with a variety of styles, from Persian moosiqi to Gilbert and Sullivan and jazz. Lyrical intimations, kabbalistic and biblical, classical Greek or Chinese sustain her night vigils and travels through time and space, reminding us that Jerusalem, the contentious city in which she lives, can become, like her poetry, a locus of mysterious concatenations and ever more vivid amazement.”   Gabriel Levin

BETSY ROSENBERG was born in Philadelphia in 1946. She studied at the Hebrew University and the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem where she has lived since 1967, supporting herself as a translator of Hebrew poetry and prose (including novels by David Grossman), editor, and musician.

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Emily Fragos, 2014 Arts & Letters award recipient

The American Academy of Arts and Letters announces Emily Fragos as one of its 2014 Arts & Letters in Literature award recipients.    @ AAAL      @ Columbia University

fragosorder Hostage (2011) from UPNE

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Stephanos Papadopoulos awarded the 2014 Jeannette Haien Ballard Writer’s Prize

Stephanos Papadopoulos is the 2014 recipient of the Jeannette Haien Ballard Writer’s Prize, a $25,000 annual prize given to a young writer of proven excellence in poetry or prose. Established to honor author Jeannette Haien’s interest in the work of talented young writers and her desire to benefit and further their careers by encouraging the production of literary works of high quality and aesthetic worth, the prize has previously been given to Joanna Klink (U of Montana) and Suzanne Buffam (U of Chicago).

Papadopoulos The Black Sea  (2012)

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Doris’ Red Spaces (Mayapple Press, 2014) – Gretchen Primack

A dear friend of Sheep Meadow and author of Kind (Post Traumatic Press 2013), Gretchen Primack announces her latest publication, Doris’ Red Spaces, out this month with Mayapple Press. Follow the link above or visit Woodstock’s independent bookstore, The Golden Notebook, to procure a copy.


GRETCHEN PRIMACK is a passionate advocate for the rights and welfare of non-human animals, she has been a union organizer, a working women’s advocate, and a professor and administrator for a college program in a maximum-security men’s prison.
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Recovering Poetry from the AIDS crisis – LARB

“Some poets created their best work in spite of the looming pressures of a disease that was killing them, or the people they loved. I’ve chosen works by four exemplary poets — Charles Barber, Melvin Dixon, Tory Dent, and Lynda Hull — that transcend the expectations of a traditional elegy, pushing the form into new realms of expression, or working against the form, in order to create profound emotional and political responses.”  

Sean Singer considers poetry in response to the AIDS crisis, including Tory Dent’s HIV, Mon Amour, in the Los Angeles Review of Books. This September 2013 article slipped under our radar, we hope it ends up on yours.

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Dannie Abse reviewed in Pleiades

Grab a copy of the upcoming winter issue (34.1) of Pleiades to read Bruce Whiteman on Dannie Abse‘s Selected Poems.  


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From Borges to the Gnostics: Tribute to the work of Willis Barnstone

Come celebrate the work of Willis Barnstone @ AWP 2014

with Yusef Komunyakaa, Robert Stewart, Sholeh Wolpé,  and Sheep Meadow founder and publisher, Stanley Moss

R217 From Borges to the Gnostics: Tribute to the work of Willis Barnstone
Room 302, Western New England MFA Annex, Level 3
Thursday, February 27, 2014

1:30 pm to 2:45 pm

For sixty years, Willis Barnstone has been opening up American poetry to the rest of the world through his more than seventy books of poetry, translation, memoir, criticism, and religious scholarship. Winner of numerous awards, mentor to generations of younger writers, Willis Barnstone is a national treasure. The panelists will share anecdotes and analyses and read from his work, followed by a reading by Willis Barnstone himself.
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Michael Collins checks in with Wesleyan University

“The fact that poems are promises gives the poet (at least at my level) something in common with the Ponzi schemer: For, like a Ponzi scheme, a poem is a lie whose worth is based entirely on what people invest in it. But, unlike a Ponzi scheme, a poem is a lie that becomes truer the more people invest in it, the more they allow it to structure their imaginations.”

Michael Collins reflects on his latest collection, The Traveling Queen, in Wesleyan University’s newsletter, “The Wesleyan Connection.” February 12, 2014.

Collins_Traveling Queen

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Romania proposes Norman Manea for Nobel Prize + A review in LARB

Sheep Meadow author Norman Manea was recently nominated by the Writer’s Union in Romania for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Read Romania’s “most translated author” in interviews with Saul Bellow and Hannes Stein, in two recently published editions by SMP:

Saul Bellow: Settling My Accounts Before I Go Away, a Words & Images Interview by Norman Manea

Paradise Found: Norman Manea, an Interview with Hannes Stein

. . . both of which were reviewed by Paul Mandelbaum in the Los Angeles Review of BooksGood Company: Conversations with Norman Manea - 2 February 2014

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